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Paint Services

A quality refinish for your vehcile is the key to making it shine. Our I-CAR and PPG certified refinishing team utilizes the most advanced techniques in the industry to match the exact color of your vehicle. We offer only the highest quality automotive paint services and proudly color matching techniques, paint and coatings developed by Dupont.™

Our quality paint services are offered for the following:

  • Auto Body Collision Repair
  • Auto Body Surface Repair
  • Fading/Damage
  • Salt Damage
  • Rock Paint Chips
  • Loss of Gloss or Clear Coat
  • Auto Paint Cracking
  • Old & Porus Auto Paint
  • Auto Body Surface Rust
  • Rust Through
  • Auto Detailing
  • Dent & Bumper Repair
  • Auto Parts Replacement
  • Out of Pocket Repairs
  • Lease Turn Back

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